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'Inspiring pupils to reach their full potential in our Christian family through trust, respect and care for all'
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School Ethos and Values

We are a small, caring school where all pupils are valued, nurtured and encouraged to achieve to their full potential.  Children are given the opportunity to develop their skills and talents through our exciting and creative curriculum and our most able pupils achieve to the highest levels.

Vulnerable pupils are supported through our programme of nurture and counselling and consequently make outstanding progress. Effort in all areas of the curriculum and for all children, is rewarded and self-esteem and self-worth are raised.

Links with parents are established early through a programme of pre-school to school readiness. All learning is seen as a partnership between pupils, school and  respect for all, by all, is of the greatest importance.


Values Education at Benington School

Our Christian Values Education underpins everything we do at Benington School. Each half term we focus on one value in depth. We think about where this value is shown in the Bible and how Jesus showed them to other people. We also look at how they affect our everyday lives and build our characters.

Our current value is service.

At the start of some of our worships, we have some welcome words, which change slightly with each new value.

The welcome words are :

welcome words for assembly

This term, as our value is service, we replace the word strength with service. It would be lovely if you could share these with your children, especially the younger ones. Next term our value will be truthfulness.

How do we link 'service' with our SMSC education?

Matthew 20.26: The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.

John 13.12-15: After Jesus had washed his disciples' feet …he said: “Do you understand what I have done? ….. And if your Lord and teacher has washed your feet, you should do the same for each other.”

Spiritual Jesus' gave us an example of servant leadership at the Last Supper when he took a towel and washed his disciples’ feet, a job usually carried out by a servant; he then told his disciples to go and do likewise. As those values are rooted in the example and teaching of Jesus, we are inspired by this act of love for his friends.

Moral Following Jesus' example, we value a model of servant leadership in our school. We encourage children to seek the common good in all that they do, striving to put the needs of others before our own.

Social As a community, we believe that our gifts and talents are to be used in ways that will improve the lives of others. We provide opportunities in school for serving as monitors, peer mediators and to stand as elected members of the school council. We help children to develop skills that will allow them to participate fully and contribute positively to the social and cultural life of modern Britain.

Cultural As a Church of England school we create a culture in which serving one another and the wider community is celebrated and seen as an important mark of character development. We regularly invite to our school others who are making a difference to society through their service and charitable works, to inform and inspire us and to present positive role models for us to follow.

Our values for the academic year September 2017 to August 2018 are;

Thankfulness, Trust, Perseverance, Justice, Service and Truthfulness.

Our values for September 2018 to August 2019 are;

Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship and Respect.

Values education in partnership with parents

We are working in partnership with parents, by engaging them in activities linked to our values.

We are sending home a sheet with a number of activities that parents and children can do, linked to our values of service.

VAlue of Service



values display board

Benington School Values

The school completed some work to strengthen the positive impact of the school’s Christian values on the learning and well-being of its pupils. This included a range of activities as follows;

The results of these activities were all fed-back to the Chair of Governors who is a Foundation (or Church) Governor.

The key conclusions of this work are presented below;

To further strengthen the positive impact of the school’s Christian values on the learning and well-being of its pupils, the school is working on the following;

Reflection Area

Every classroom has a reflection area. These areas give us a place to focus our thoughts, reflect and pray. We can reflect on our Christian values or consider our “thought of the week.”

reflection area reflection area reflection area

thought of the week heading

To support our pupil’s understanding of the Values, we have introduced the Thought of the Week.  Each ‘thought’ links to the Value, allowing the children to think deeply about its meaning.  The ‘thoughts’ encourage children to reflect on their own behaviour as well as others.

Each week the children’s behaviour will be celebrated during our whole school sharing assembly.  Children who have tried hard to incorporate the Thought of the Week and Value into their learning will become Benington Bees.  Children have the opportunity to nominate a class member to become a Benington Bee.

This half term’s Thought of the Week:

thought of the week

Please see the links to our previous values




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