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2024 Summer Term – Beech Class visited The Edge outdoor activity centre where they had a fabulous time.

2024 Summer Term – Beech Class visited St Peter’s Church to learn about Gargoyles

Our Year 3-4 walked to St Peter’s Church where they learnt all about gargoyles and grotesques. The children drew some fabulous pictures and talked about how we use grotesques today to have ‘scary fun!’

2024 Summer Term – Beech Class learnt about the  Egyptian

2024 Summer Term – Fun on our playing field
with our new tyres

Our pupils have been having great fun using our donated tyres at lunchtimes (weather permitting!)

2024 Spring Term – New Football kit

We have a new football kit, donated free of charge by the premier league!

2024 Spring Term – Mothering Sunday

Beech class helped to lead the Mothering Sunday service in St Peter’s Church this year. The pupils and staff created some beautiful art work to decorate the church and the choir sang a special song for Mothering Sunday.

2024 Spring Term – World Book Day

Each class read a different book on which they based their world book costumes.
I think you’ll agree, they look great!

2024 Spring Term – Acorn class Science Project

Acorn class carried out a fun tooth decay experiment using egg shells to represent their teeth. The shell of an egg is made of a similar substance to tooth enamel!

2024 Spring Term – Willow class visit to St Peter’s Church

 Willow Class (Year 1-2)had a lovely visit to St Peters Church where they  spent some time learning all about the special clothes that a vicar wears. They came up with some fab designs of their own too… including hairstyles!

2024 Spring Term – Oak Class

Just a couple of the activities Oak Class have been up to this Spring Term


Please take a look at our ‘School History’ page which includes a gallery of photographs taken at our 150th Anniversary party last year, as well as many other photos showing our school history.