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Kelly Watkins

Hi I’m Kelly, I have four daughters, two older girls who went to Benington and are now in secondary school and two still at Benington, one in year 1 and my youngest who is in the nursery. I volunteered at FOBS events and saw how much all the children enjoy them. There are so many FOBS run events, that are so looked forward to and have become traditions, like breakfast with Santa and the secrets room. I hope we can continue these and also bring forward new and exciting ideas with Siân Bodenham as co chair and the other members of FOBS.

Siân Bodenham

I have 3 sons who have all attended Benington Primary school. My youngest is in year 2. I am a teacher working with children and young adults with special needs at an SLD school. I have volunteered for FOBS since my oldest joined the school in 2015 and have had lots of fun with the children during FOBS events. I look forward to the challenge of organising events as Co Chair with Kelly Watkins.

Jessica Cook

Hello, my name is Jessica Cook. I currently work at TSB Bank as a money confidence expert, I have worked in this role for 8 years and really enjoy helping people.

My son is currently in the Acorn class. We enjoy spending our weekends outside exploring and having fun. I am excited to be involved with FOBs and look forward to all the different fundraising events we will hold as a committee, to raise funds for our children’s school.

Cassie Holdsworth

Hi, I’m Cassie Holdsworth. I have lived in the village since 2015, and my son joined the school recently in Acorn class. Some people probably know my Dachshund more than me as Hamish is quite well known in the village! I am a Chartered Accountant, and have worked in finance for over 20yrs. I have recently taken on the joint role of Treasurer for FOB’s and I’m looking forward to fund raising and supporting our school!

Inga Vareva – McDonald

My son  started attending Benington School last September and is absolutely loving it. I am feeling so grateful for everything Benington teachers are doing to help children prosper. Hence I have a strong feeling to help the school in any way I can. And the events are lots of fun too!

I have worked for the Latvian Embassy in London and also as a Project manager for Latvian Literature in UK. Currently, I am looking after my youngest son Christian and helping community. I am really looking forward to FOBs events!