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Willow Class

willow class logoWelcome to Willow Class where our year 1 and 2 pupils are taught.

Our class teacher is Miss Whiskin.
Our teaching assistant is Miss Bicer.

Here are the letters and information which are sent out at the beginning of term;

Our class topic maps can be seen here:

Class Photos

Please take a look at the slideshow below of Willow Class  which shows the pupils at work and play around the school, together with some photos of their classroom.


Willow class have been very busy bees this Autumn 2020, creating this fantastic display with lots of the different skill they want to achieve this year.

Willow Display Board

Willow class have been getting creative in and outside the classroom

Mini Worlds

During our Science Topic, “Mini Worlds”,  we investigated habitats and food chains. We learnt lots of new vocabulary such as conditions, producer, consumer, predator, prey and energy flow. We searched our school field and wildlife area for micro-habitats and explored the creatures that could live there, depending on the conditions (warm, dry, dark etc).

We designed our own micro-habitats – a hedgehog house! We thought carefully about the conditions we would need to create and then worked incredibly hard to make them. We worked fantastically to help each other and to share the resources.

Finally, a few of the houses were placed in our wildlife area. Hopefully, someone will move in soon!