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“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” – Unknown

Intent; To offer a curriculum which helps children to not only become functionally literate, but to develop a love of reading which will serve them through their years in school and into adult life. To inspire them to read a range of genres and to understand the effect that the written word has on the reader.

Implementation; Children will be engaged in reading every day at Benington. This might be through reading independently, reading to an adult, guided reading or reading for the wider curriculum. They will be helped to select books at an appropriate level of challenge.

Impact; Children will make good progress from their own personal starting points. They will leave Benington at year 6 as confident, independent readers who see the pleasure and value in reading and are able to share their preferences for authors and genres and are equipped for the reading demands of the secondary curriculum.

Reading Resources;

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Bedtime stories
Fairy tales


“If You can think it, you can say it, if you can say it, you can write it.”

Intent: Writing is a crucial part of the Benington curriculum. It is our intention that by year 6, children will leave us able to express their ideas both clearly and creatively. We also intend that they will be able to use the skills of grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting and that they will confidently edit and improve their writing.  At Benington, we aim to develop children who see both the power and the value of the written word.

Implementation: Children are given opportunities to write regularly for different purposes and audiences and in different contexts in English lessons and across the wider curriculum. They will be taught specific skills and vocabulary for the tasks they are set and given personalised feedback allowing them to evaluate their progress and to improve

Impact: Children will make good progress and by year 6, will be independent writers who can adapt their writing style for the task that they are set. They will be able to write clearly, accurately and at speed in order to meet the demands of their secondary education and beyond.

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