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Caring for our Environment

Recycling at Benington School

Here at Benington School, we’ve been making a concerted effort to recycle and reduce more this year.

We have drastically cut down on sending paper copies of letters home, instead sending them online.
We are also going to try and re-use paper instead of recycling it when only one side has been used.

We also recycling batteries and crisp packets.

How can you help?

You can drop batteries into the school office during school opening times.
We can accept AAA, AA, C and D batteries, but please put any damaged batteries in a separate bag.

Crisp packets can be left the large plastic box at the front of the school – They must be empty, clean and flat.

FOBS run ‘Bags to School’ several times a year which is a fundraising initiative where used clothes are reused and recycled. Please look out for notifications about when you can bring along your 2nd hand to school.

We hope this will help encourage children to recycle more at home. 
Please support us with our endeavour and spread the word.