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Physical Education

Curriculum Rationale

Physical education develops the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. These include dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and water safety and athletics. Physical education promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills and promotes positive attitudes which contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. We want children to make informed choices about physical activity throughout their lives. Our specialist PE staff from Rising Stars use the PE Planning Scheme which builds progression from reception – Year 6 and ensures full coverage.


  • All Benington children will develop a range of physical skills and knowledge about tactics, attacking and defending in team activities
  • All children to develop the skills to be good sports people who understand the rules of fair play and abide by them in individual and team situations in competitive play
  • To instill a love of sport that will last into adulthood
  • As part of a wider curriculum to understand how to correctly fuel their bodies with the correct food
  • To understand first-hand the positive effects exercise can have on the body and mental well-being


  • The school will offer a broad range of sports across the curriculum and after school clubs
  • To use sports premium grant to expose children to additional curriculum days and activities that they may not have the opportunity to do otherwise
  • To engage in competition against other schools, plus intra-competition within the school setting
  • To celebrate a love and achievement of physical activity by show casing achievements on our PE noticeboard
  • To have motivational visitors come in to speak to the children to inspire them to achieve their goals


  • Children will leave Benington at year 6 physically literate with an understanding of a range of sports, how to fuel their bodies efficiently and engage with PE and sport that will last beyond their primary years
  • Children will be able to recall and discuss in depth the coverage of PE they have had including activity days paid for using sports premium funding
  • Children will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding of fair play and encourage others to adhere to it

A high-quality physical education inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities.  It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.  Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

We follow guidance from the National Curriculum to ensure each child has a broad experience of physical activity throughout their primary years.   Acorn have a more formal one hour lesson with Rising Stars. The second hour is spread throughout the week with activities like: yoga, brain gym and parachute games. Willow has two hours of PE a week, one taught by Rising Stars and the other by the class teacher. We use the same planning scheme for both lessons to ensure progression.. The class teachers observe Rising Stars to upskill themselves in PE teaching. 

Oak and Beech are taught by a sports coach (with the class teacher observing to enhance knowledge and understanding of high quality PE).  Our sports coach plans their lessons in liaison with the PE lead.  Assessments are carried out during and at the end of each half term and recorded.  The children peer and self-assess their learning and where possible are encouraged to create their own next steps in learning.

Sports funding (provided by the government) has helped increase the PE and sports we can offer. Pupils are encouraged to attend extra curriculum sports clubs including: football and yoga. We participate in many sports  tournaments including boules and flag football. Our football team competes across the borough. 

Department of Education’s Statutory Guidance on the P.E. Curriculum